Main QuotesEdit

"What's up everybody it's Cr1TiKal"

"Lets do this shit"

"Well I'm done playing this"

"Well that's the end of this video. remember to rate the video comment the video and subscribe if you wanna see videos similar to this one see ya"

The SnowmanEdit

"They do everything in their power to prevent us from rising up in reclaiming this planet. This includes fucking up my trees and I prefer my trees not fucked up"

Pokemon CrystalEdit

"CHAN E, that is the Chinese goddess of the moon"thumb|216px|link=File:No.4.png

Olympic SwimmingEdit

"If you house smells like shit, well move the fuck out of that house"thumb|181px|link=File:No.3.png

"If you have a house, treat it well"

Attack on TitanEdit

"You may have fire in your hands, but I have fire in my heart"thumb|238px|link=File:No.2.png

"Spiderman is at the scenes call the daily bugle"

"Did I sneeze too hard nobody hit me"


"I could shit my head out"thumb|153px|link=File:No.1.png